About Us

We know that parenthood is a blessing but comes with a lot of work. Abracadabra was created to make the experience of parents easier by catering to all their needs and desires. We create simple, dynamic and luxuries products that fill your baby’s first experiences full of joy. Our goal is to supply quality products, while keeping your child’s safety and comfort as our priority. Our unique styling makes us stand out in the baby industry and makes us who we are. All our products are influenced by stories we hear, scenes we see, colors we mix and match. There is a story behind each of our designs and patterns. A story we give birth to and you take it forward. We over at Abracadabra believe that simplicity is the utmost luxury. 

Launched in 2008, Abracadabra has become a well-known and loved brand. We believe that every child is special and truly deserves the best of everything. We believe in weaving magical dreams and making wishes come true. We take great pride in providing parents with well-designed and thoughtful products that enhance their little one‛s space and provides a soft, warm haven for them to be nurtured in.