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Abracadabra Rai Pillow - Rocketman

₹ 629.00 Regular price ₹ 699.00

 Embrace traditional baby care with our Mustard Seed Pillow, designed to offer crucial head support and shape for a smooth contour. The pillow's outer shell is crafted entirely from cotton, while its stuffing consists of tiny, triple-cleaned mustard seeds—100% natural and therapeutic-graded. Beyond promoting air circulation, this unique filling adapts to the baby's head shape, ensuring optimal comfort and well-being

  • Protect your baby from Flat Head Syndrome with our custom-made pillow! It encourages healthy development by applying pressure on the baby's head, neck, and shoulders in an evenly manner
  • Filled with 750 grams of mustard seeds, this pillow provides essential neck support and ensures a comfortable headspace for your little one. Infused with lavender essence to promote a good night's rest for your little one
  • Rai pillow comes with naturally waming properties in order to provide optimal warmth. Designed with removable pillow covers which can be easily removed, washed and reapplied 
  • Available in a variety of cute prints and designs, mix and match to provide an adorable space for your baby!

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Abracadabra Rai Pillow - Rocketman

₹ 629.00 Regular price ₹ 699.00


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